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Fastest way to grow sales.

Bolsters sales and repeat business immediately by automatically converting visitors to your website, social media and walk-ins into loyal customers.

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Automated Rewards

Reward your customers on different occasions like birthday, anniversary, monthly and many more, all automated.

All source signups

Signup customers from all sources, website, walk-ins, social media, posters, menus and personal signup form for staff members.

Send newsletters

Send stunning newsletters to your loyal customers, create or import any newsletter design from any other platform.

Frequency based rewards

Reward your most loyal customers based on the number of visits, each visit can have different reward or just a reminder to come back again.

One-time use of rewards

Enforce one time use of rewards with our light managers app that confirms every customer visit, now with multi-location feature.

Customers & Stats

Powerful stats that keep you update on what reward works the best, what signup source, location or poster is getting more traffic.

Available on • Wix App Market

Use it as plugin.

We've built an app on WiX platform that you can add to your site with just one click.

White label solution?

Drive growth of your business and your clients businesses.

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