Info for Test Emails

Thank you for using WiX Birthday Club to grow your customer list, increase repeat sales, build long-term relationships with your customers.


Test emails are built into the app so you can check how emails will look like and use Birthday Club's editing capabilities to customize the emails. Birthday Club emails include buttons and links, some of which however may be disabled in test emails.

Get Customer Feedback (button Please Rate Us)

Birthday Club incorporates a mechanism to collect customer feedback, which is sent to you in private. You can use it to improve your operations, quickly & directly respond to unsatisfied customers to get them back. Turn it on in your settings and you are ready to go. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Review button in emails.jpg

Enforce One-time Use, Track Redemptions (button Redeem Now)

The redeem button enables brick & mortar businesses to track reward usage and enforce one-time use. Turn it on in your settings and you are ready to go. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Redeem button in emails.jpg

Unsubscribe (link in email's footer)

Every email includes an unsubscribe footer. Birthday Club emails automatically handles unsubscribes and bounces. When a customer unsubscribes from your Birthday Club, the email will be removed from your customer list.

Unsubscribe in Emails.jpg

Other Features You Might Be Interested in

  • Monthly Rewards helps you to stay in contact with your customers and increase repeat sales

  • Anniversary Reward is a way to congratulate your customers for their (wedding) anniversary and get them in as a couple and mark the memorable event