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Customize Your Free Birthday Club in a Jiffy

Updated: Jul 25

Your Birthday Club is the just the start to an amazing bag of goodies for you the business owner. We have made sure that this is the best experience you will ever have in launching something new.

Setup Birthday Rewards

How do you want to thank and welcome back your precious customers? You can setup a Cash discount, or a free product or a free service which gets sent out with the happy birthday email. How to decide what to offer? It should bring a "spark of joy" to your customer without costing you an arm and a leg. You can also choose to change the rewards by season or pause anytime with single club.

Keep Track

As your happy customers sign up for your awesome birthday reward, you get a daily email with details. You can also login to the app Dashboard for more details. Don't forget to clap when you get your first signup, woohoo!

Know The Customer

You now can get to know so much more about your loyal customers including their full names, gender, birthdate, anniversary date and age group. This can help you make more dough by serving them better.

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