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Welcome to Riiwards Birthday Club!

Updated: Jul 24

We are the first FUN and exciting way to build customer love via birthday rewards!

I mean who doesn't love a birthday gift, right? We make it easy for your to offer birthday rewards quickly and super affordably. Read on for details.

Why you need a Birthday Club

Covid has made so many people super sad or scared. Everyone is looking for something to cheer them up. What better way than a birthday greeting with a reward to brighten up someone's day! Your Birthday club can bring a smile to your customers in a way that's never been done before. You'll earn their loyalty and hence their business, which will result in your cash flow going up and up and up.

How to setup your Birthday Club

We have made it super easy and FREE for you to launch your birthday club in just a few minutes. You can launch it on your Wix website along with your Facebook, your website and in your store.

To launch on Wix - go to Wix app market, search for Birthday Club, then click and install the app on the page that you have designated to market your Birthday club. Done! It can be a popup or home page and/or a special page you have created.

To launch on your Facebook create a new page on your website called Birthday Club with URL Then install the app again from the app marketplace to this new page. Then on your Facebook page announce your Birthday Club with the link to the new web page you have setup with Facebook extension. This helps you track your Facebook conversions!

To launch in Store - create a new page with URL then find the QR Code which is available in the Birthday Club app in the settings panel and put it on this new page. Add some fun content to this page to invite your customers to sign up for your birthday club. Then print out this page and display it next to cashier, on the tables, on the door, anywhere that your customers are going to see it and sign up.

Got questions? We got answers - email us at

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